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Top 7 Priorities of AHPA


The Top 7 Priorities of AHPA

AHPA is certainly busy strategizing how to keep modern commercial beekeeping viable and profitable going forward. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a Top 7 Priorities List.

1. Fund Economic Research Service to develop an Economic Model of the value of bees. This new study is our foundational effort to factor in the real value of honey bees past the farm gate due to their direct impact on food production in the U.S.

2. Build a state of the art genetics lab at Baton Rouge and move the Tucson lab to California. Research objectives of California Lab:

Development of BMP’s and IPM on current fungicides, pesticides, and Insect Growth Regulators in a manner that minimizes stress on honey bees while protecting the nation’s crops. This lab would also continue research on wintering bees using feed, nutrition and other methods. This is a reasonable move given the fact that over half of the nations bee supply end up in California to pollinate almonds.

3. Triple bee research funds to ARS.

4. Triple bee research funds to the Land grant system.
On items number three and four on the list, we simply need applied research in the field to determine the affects of pesticides on honeybees.

5. Forage and Nutrition. Fund the reclaiming of canals, aqueducts and clean water riparian areas to a state that maximizes the benefit to Honey Bees and native pollinators and whenever possible road and the highway right of ways to be maintained in a state that maximizes benefit to Honey Bees and native pollinators.

6. Support Customs’ Reauthorization Bill legislation by which Congress will appropriate the funds Customs needs to operate. It is crucial that this bill include language that directs Customs to improve/perfect its ability to determine the true country of origin of all honey imported into this country, with the goal of ensuring that Chinese honey imports cannot avoid the China honey AD order by being falsely declared upon importation as having been made in a country other than China.

7. AHPA has championed to have Congress outright repeal the new shipper bonding option, which Congress only suspended for three years in August 2006. This was a huge benefit to honey producers. Right now the insurance companies willingness to issue bonds without following their standard underwriting procedures – and not the bonding option itself -- is the real cause of problem. Our success in getting the repeal language in the Customs Reauth bills that were introduced in the last Congress have given us, in connection with the lobbying we have been doing for the New Shipper Bond Recovery program, a good platform to build on. This is because inclusion of the repeal language in the bills sends a clear reminder that the NS bonding option caused a very major problem for the honey and other domestic agricultural producers.

These maybe lofty goals that may not happen overnight but the AHPA is determined to go after these funds until they are appropriated. If again, according to the UN study that honeybees are number three, then we need research funding to match the benefit.

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