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Archived Latest News March 2013


 Pesticide Lobby Spends Millions To Defend Chemicals Tied To Bee Deaths

03/29/2013 4:24 pm EDT

WASHINGTON --The chemical pesticide lobby is waging a multi-million dollar battle to prevent regulation of chemicals linked to the dramatic escalation in the deaths of pollinating bees over the past year.

CropLife America, the trade association that represents more than 90 of the world's biggest agro-chemical manufacturers, spent nearly $2.5 million last year lobbying against bills that sought to increase oversight of chemical manufacturing and transfer, strengthen drinking water standards and fund research into the effects of pesticides on humans.

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A Disastrous Year for Bees

March 28, 2013By Matt H. Mayes and Axel Gerdau

For America’s beekeepers, who have struggled for nearly a decade with a mysterious malady called colony collapse disorder that kills honeybees en masse, this past year was particularly bad.

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AHPA participates in the EPA Pollinator Summit

WASHINGTON-The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) held a public meeting with key stakeholders to collaborate on activities to protect honey bees and other pollinators from pesticide risks.

Bees are an important component of agricultural production and are critical to food and ecosystems. The summit was an opportunity to advance our collective understanding and efforts to protect them.

The EPA had been working aggressively to protect honey bees and other pollinators. The summit is part of the agency’s ongoing collaboration with beekeepers , growers, pesticide manufacturers and federal and state agencies to manage potential risks to bees.

Bret Adee, NPDF president and AHPA member, presented the "Beekeeping Industry Perspective” in which he communicated the need to conserve honey bees for agricultural purposes as well as society in general. He also stressed the commercial costs involved by the loss of honey bees that is currently placed on only the beekeepers.

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EPA, Congress Urged To Better Protect Birds From Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Environmental groups are pushing Congress and a federal court to force EPA to strengthen controls on the controversial neonicotinoid class of pesticides, filing a federal lawsuit last week seeking a ban of two neonicotinoids and also pushing legislators to encourage EPA to heighten consideration of the pesticides' possible effects on birds in agency risk assessments.

Environmentalists, beekeepers and consumer groups sued EPA March 21 to suspend the registrations of two neonicotinoids. Meanwhile, the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) met last week with legislators and EPA officials to push findings from the ABC's recent report that alleges EPA's current risk assessment processes do not adequately consider ecological effects on birds and aquatic species.

The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California calls for the suspension of registrations for clothianidin and thiamethoxam. Environmentalists blame the pesticides for repeated bee kills and say they are contributing to colony collapse disorder, a component in sharp declines in bee populations seen since the mid-2000s, around the time the two neonicotinoid pesticides came into heavy use.

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