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Why Become a Member?

The American Honey Producers Association has long been committed to upholding the common interest and general welfare of the American beekeeper. It is the only national beekeeping organization that reserves voting rights for beekeepers.

There are many challenges that face the honeybees and beekeepers. The AHPA is continually working on all levels of government to diminish and eliminate these problems. Several issues that the AHPA in the past and currently are working on are:

• Chinese anti-dumping

• Pesticide problems

• Funding for the USDA, ARS Bee Research Labs

• Federal extension apiarists

• And other miscellaneous items to help further the profitability of the honey producer.


The AHPA pledges to do everything it can to improve the future of beekeeping for all beekeepers, no matter what their size.


 Is the American Honey Producers Association for you?

Whether you are a small or large honey producer, a scientist or researcher, or someone with a general interest in bees, we have a membership that is perfect for you.

The AHPA has two different types of memberships: Voting and Non-Voting Memberships.

Our voting membership is strictly for those who own and operate beehives. We are the only national organization who reserves the voting rights exclusively for beekeepers.

Our Non-Voting Membership is for those who may research bees, state/local beekeeping organizations, or individuals with an common interest in beekeeping.

 No matter who you are or your involvement in the bee industry, the America Honey Producers Association has a place for you.


Become a member today!  Click here to register


Benefits of an AHPA Membership


All AHPA members will receive a subscription to the Honey Producer magazine. Honey Producer magazine that:

  •  Highlights current industry news
  •  Publishes submitted articles from the scientific community
  •  Informs you of legal battles being fought in Washington, DC
  •  Provides complete AHPA convention schedules
  •  Is published four times each year

 You will also receive

  • Exclusive access to "Members Only" pages and content on our site


 Become a Member today! To register online, click here.

Or you can send in your register by mail, click here for printable version.


Yearly Membership Dues

Voting Members:           
            Commercial (301+ hives)  $500   
            Sideline (76-300 Hives)  $100    
            Hobbyist (1-75 hives)      $ 50     
Non - Voting Associate:
            Firm or Beekeeping Association $150      
            Individual (Scientist-Apiary Inspector) $40



Non AHPA members may subscribe to Honey Producer magazine by submitting a $40 annual subscription fee to the following:


AHPA/Cassandra Zuelke

c/o Anderson Zurmuehlen & Co.

PO Box 1605

Great Falls, MT  59403-1605


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